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Colonial Park Gardens

156 Mettlers Road, Somerset, NJ 08873 • 908 722-1200 Ext. 5008

Arboretum Reflections
Garden View of Arboretum


The 144-acre Arboretum is located in the western section of Colonial Park. The Arboretum, a living tree museum, contains labeled specimens of flowering trees, evergreens, shade trees, dwarf conifers, and flowering shrubs. Established to display ornamental trees and shrubs, which grow well in central New Jersey, the Arboretum is a valuable resource to homeowners planning to landscape their properties.

The section of the Arboretum located on either side of parking lot A and the Rose Garden contains deciduous and evergreen trees and larger shrubs. Here the visitor will find many species and varieties that are native to the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. There are also various types of dwarf conifers. Some of the genera represented are Abies (firs), Acer (maples), Carpinus (ironwoods), Picea (spruces), Celtis (hackberries), Cedrus (cedars), Aesculus (buckeyes), Cephalotaxus (plum yews), Ilex (hollies), Juniperus (junipers), Chamaecyparis (false cypress), Pinus (pines), Quercus (oaks), Sorbus (mountain ashes), and many more.

The Arboretum is of interest to students of botany and horticulture, as well as all plant enthusiasts and gardeners. It is now in the beginning stage of a multi-year planting and renewal project; each year there will be more new and interesting specimens to see.

Also located nearby in Colonial Park are the Fragrance & Sensory Garden, the Ornamental Grass Collection, the Perennial Garden, the Rudolf W. van der Goot Rose Garden, and the Shrub Collection.

Current Gardening Programs/Special Events in Colonial Park Gardens

Wedding ceremonies, pictures, and guided tours by permit only. Please call 908 722-1200 ext 5721.

Shrub and Tree List (PDF)

  Colonial Park (Lot A & F)
  156 Mettlers Road
  Somerset, NJ 08873

  HOURS: Sunrise to Sunset (Daily)


  Somerset County Park Commission
  Horticulture Department
  Colonial Park Gardens
  156 Mettlers Road
  Somerset, NJ 08873
  Tel: 908 722-1200 ext. 5721
  Fax: 732 873-3896
  TTY: Use the NJ Relay Service @711
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  E-mail the Colonial Park Gardens with any questions
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