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Environmental Education Center

190 Lord Stirling Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ • 908 766-2489

Awesim Kids

Summer Science Fun
(Ages 4-16)

It has been our pleasure to offer enriching and fun summer science education programs to the children of our community for more than 20 years. We have aimed to inspire a life-long love and respect for the natural world, while cultivating a curiosity about the environment and a fondness for science. Outdoor lessons and hands-on experiences are just some of the benefits of our engaging summer programs. With nearly 500 acres of fields, forests, ponds, and a river, the Environmental Education Center at Lord Stirling Park offers unique opportunities in a natural learning environment for children of all ages.

Coyote Kids (Ages 4-6) will be back for another 2 sessions, look for registration information in early May.
Eco-Explorers (Ages 7-9) will be offering four, one-week sessions and two, two-week sessions.
AWESIM KIDS (ages 10-13) will be offering four, two-week sessions.
Xtreme Adventure (ages 13-16) will be returning for another summer of adventure! Registration begins in May.

Post care for both the Eco-Explorers and AWESIM KIDS programs are available each session for an additional fee. Post care extends the program day from 4:30pm-5:30pm.
Each session of Eco-Explorers and AWESIM KIDS has a non-refundable deposit of $150 per session.

For more information about these programs, please go to in the Naturalist Programs section or call the Environmental Education Center at 908 766-2489.
Registration on-line and walk-ins begin Wednesday,
February 8, 2017 at 9:00am; phone-ins begin Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:00am.

Eco-Explorers Click here for PDF
(Ages 7-9)

Mystery in the Swamp (One-Week Session)
Our park is nestled within the Great Swamp and this area has a history that goes back hundreds of years! There are a lot of mysteries to solve, so get your sense of adventure ready! We will strengthen our observation skills and use some of our senses to explore interesting and historical parts of Lord Stirling Park. A field trip, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$360 per person
Course Code: 50101
Monday, June 19-Friday, June 23

Swamp Scientists (One-Week Session)
Put on your lab coat and join us as we conduct some fun and wacky experiments and find out more about the science behind nature! Use your newfound science skills as we hike and play to discover how things work. A field trip, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$360 per person
Course Code: 50101
Monday, June 26-Friday, June 30

Most Extreme Earth (Two-Week Session)
Venture to the highest and lowest, hottest and coldest places on Earth. Research the fastest and slowest, biggest and tiniest, smelliest, and most beautiful living things that this planet has to offer! It is going to be a most extreme session of Eco-Explorers! Two field trips, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$648 per person
Course Code: 50101
Monday, July 3-Friday, July 14
(No program Tuesday, July 4)

Creature Feature (Two-Week Session)
The Earth has some pretty amazing animals; whale sharks, newts, lemurs, and lion fish –just to name a few. Each day we will learn about the variety of animals that live on this planet. Prepare to meet some special animal guests and become an expert! Two field trips, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$720 per person
Course Code: 50101
Monday, July 17-Friday, July 28

Forest Fanatics (One-Week Session)
Become a forest ecologist as we explore the relationships between plants and animals in the woods of the Great Swamp. Each day we will focus on a different habitat within the swamp and discover how the plants and animals are adapted to live there. A field trip, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$360 per person
Course Code: 50101
1 Monday, July 31-Friday, August 4

Junior Naturalists (One-Week Session)
Hike! Track! Explore! During this session you will gain identification skills and learn what it is like to be a Naturalist. This week-long adventure will have pond studies, bug collecting, tracking, and more! A field trip, canoeing, and water games will be part of the fun.
$360 per person
Course Code: 50101
2 Monday, August 7-Friday, August 11

AWESIM KIDS (Animals, Wetlands, Environmental Science, and Incredible Minds!) Click here for PDF
(Ages 10-13)

H Meets O (Two-Week Session)
Every living thing on Earth depends upon water. Join us as we learn about our amazing blue planet, both salt and fresh water habitats will be explored. Plan on getting wet and dirty as we paddle on ponds, explore streams, and spend time in kayaks. Our paddling experts will teach you the strokes, as well as how to stay safe while having a good time with friends.
$720 per person
Course Code: 50102
Monday, June 19-Friday, June 30

Yum! (Two-Week Session)
Come enjoy nature's bounty as we learn about wild edibles and growing organic food in our AWESIM KIDS garden; test your creative culinary skills in our awesome iron chef challenge. Spend time hiking the trails in search of high bush blueberries and wild blackberries that when perfectly ripe, are tasty treats, and search for the pollinators which are responsible for making our food grow.
$648 per person
Course Code: 50102
Monday, July 3-Friday, July 14 (No program Tuesday, July 4)

Survive (Two-Week Session)
This session is all about the basics of both animal and human survival! Finding water for drinking, shelter for protection from the environment, gathering food along with other hands-on activities will keep this session fun. Whether making a piece of rope, learning to tie some basic knots or learning some basic wilderness first aid, we will be challenged every day.
$720 per person
Course Code: 50102
EEC-40 Monday, July 17-Friday, July 28

Animal House (Two-Week Session)
This session is all about animals, the places they live, and their special adaptations that help them survive! Whether you are interested in slithery snakes, sly foxes, graceful gliders or slimy sliders, this is the session for you if you love animals!
$720 per person
Course Code: 50102
Monday, July 31- Friday, August 11

Coyote Kids

Hoooooowl! Calling all kids age four to six! Join our pack for a fun nature program full of outdoor hikes, live animals, hands-on activities, games, and crafts! This program will take place rain or shine!

Session 1: July 10-13 "Habitats"

Session 2: July 31-August 3 "Animals"

Register for one or both sessions! Prices will be $100 per child, per session. Registration begins Wednesday, May 17

For more information please call 908 766-2489 ext. 326 or e-mail

Xtreme Adventure

Time to turn off those video games and computers! Disconnect from electronics and let nature reconnect you to your wild side! Challenge yourself to an unforgettable adventure! Meet new friends or bring the old; two Environmental Education Center Naturalists are sure to teach you how to crank up the fun factor! No experience necessary, all you need is a will for adventure!

Day trips may include hiking the Appalachian Trail, swimming in glacial lakes, splashing around waterfalls, rock climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, and stand up paddling! Spend the night at Sedge Island clamming, fishing, and paddling in Barnegat Bay! All "extreme" equipment will be provided, but participants are expected to pack a lunch and snacks.

Day Trip and Overnight Trip Dates will range from
late June 2017 through early August 2017.

Register for one trip or for all trips! Prices will vary from $50 to $250 per trip depending on the specific activity. Registration begins Wednesday, May 17.

For more information please call 908 766-2489 ext. 328 or e-mail Prices and dates are subject to change.


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